About Us

We are the past. A legend and founder of the industry, Charles Lambert started Lambert Corporation in Houston, Texas in 1943. His ownership of the company saw the creation of the some of the most recognized building materials in the concrete industry including surface hardeners, pigment, and coatings. The success of the business under the control of its original owner led to expansion across the southern United States, and the effects of his works can still be seen in the construction world today.

We are manufacturers. There is one thing that can be said about making the same products for 70-years… you get good at it, and this can be seen in the comparative quality of our products. Customers and applicators agree that we constantly dollar-for-dollar outperform their expectations. We are a multi-faceted business, not only manufacturing our own products, but offering private labeling, toll blending, custom product matches, custom color matches, and private research and development. This full-service approach is one that makes us one of the most rounded businesses in the industry.

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We are innovators. Out of the box thinking is something we strive on. Our new management and team isn’t interested in just making the same product year-in and year-out. We care about finding the problems this industry and construction world face and helping by being a major factor or sole creator of solutions to those issues. Implementing a superior system and product or service line should be a central focus of every organization, and it is something we push to do in every aspect.

We are the future. Strikingly different than many other companies in our industry, Lambert Corporation is a comparatively very young group of people with the knowledge and experience of one of the oldest building materials manufacturing businesses around. Sharp, driven and capable, our team will stop at nothing to provide our customers, distributors and product users with the best service and product that this industry has ever known. Having made such amazing leaps and bounds, we can only say one thing… we are just beginning.

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