Corporate History

For more than 70 years, Lambert Corporation has manufactured quality construction products used by the national and international concrete construction industry including products such as adhesives, cleaners, admixtures, cementitious resurfacing and patching products, pigments, liquid surface sealers and coatings. These goods carry some of the most historical and recognized names in our industry, such as Vibropruf®, Make/Set®, Hibond®, Colorbrite®, Exposite®, Epiweld®, Solidus® and Crystal Clear® Seal.

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Charles Lambert founded Lambert Corporation in Houston, Texas in 1943 and, through quick expansion and excellent leadership, expanded the business to include three distribution facilities in Texas, two in Oklahoma, and a wholly-owned subsidiary manufacturing plant in Orlando, Florida. Lambert sold all assets to Guardsman Chemical in June of 1963 and the company operated under the Guardsman umbrella until 1978, when it was split off and sold to private individual entities. Under this new operation, the Florida portion of the company, now Lambert Corporation of Florida (or Lambert Corporation) completely ceased interior research and development, and reduced its operations and market share significantly.

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The condition and direction of the company, amongst other issues, led Lambert to nearly experiencing a full collapse in 2011, and thus the company underwent a complete management, staff and ownership change created, led and implemented by new Chief Executive Officer, . Through his innovative alterations, Lambert Corporation was able to not only overcome the damage wrought and foreseeable impending bankruptcy of the company, but yielded growth and success unparalleled in the industry. Mr. Ledlow’s current and continued expansion of Lambert Corporation has led to the collection of some of the building materials industry’s most talented professionals, as well as, for the first time, made Lambert a recognized name amongst distribution, end users, and competitors. It is through this direction that the company believes it will quickly regain the prestige and success that the business saw during the management by its founder, Charles Lambert.

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