Florida Department of Transportation APL Product Guide

Lambert Corporation of Florida has a long and outstanding relationship with the Florida Department of Transportation, acting on behalf of the building materials industry along with many of our competitors to help the state of Florida provide an excellent and safe transportation system to its residents and visitors. This product selection guide will show you which products are listed with the states Approved Products List.

Curing & Sealing Selection Guide

It can be difficult to determine which coating to use on your surface. Given the variables of surface type, texture and location, the array of products one could pick from could let to a costly and time-consuming error. Lambert Corporation’s Curing & Sealing Compound Selection Guide will help take the pain out of choosing what is right for you.

From Pigment Chart to the Ground (A Guide to Proper Pigment Dosage)

The proper dosing of pigment for colored concrete is actually not a complex process, if you have been educated correctly. This quick guide provides the basic formulation required to determine if you have your mix correct and if you’re going to keep that project owner, engineer or architect happy that you are on the job.

Bonding Agent Selection Guide

Being a Florida-based business, Lambert Corporation has sadly witnessed the pain, cost and lawsuits that arise from choosing inferior bonding agents, or products that are a misfit for the application. That architect on this job is specifying a product for a reason, and you need a quick guide to make sure you understand why. Our Bonding Agent Selection Guide will give a quick overview to make sure your wall project gets you paid, not makes you pay…

Vertical Patch & Repair Selection Guide

We don’t hide it; Lambert Corporation believes it is the best company in the building materials world at developing and manufacturing specialty patching and repair products. However, when you have this kind of product strength it gets difficult for our customers to tell which great product perfectly fits their application. This guide is the one you’ll need for vertical patching and repair.

Horizontal Patch & Repair Selection Guide

While we could just write a document that has RENEW COAT printed in bold letters with (mic drop) in fine print at the bottom, we know there are situations where L16 Self Level or Lambco® Vinyl Patch are better picks. Need to know which is which for you? This is the guide that will get you going the right direction.

Hardener & Densifier Selection Guide

Application of surface hardeners and densifiers can be one of the most problematic and difficult parts of a construction project and can lead to direct failure if the wrong product is chosen or the applicator doesn’t have the necessary education. Lambert Corporation’s Hardener & Densifier Selection Guide is a great place to verify that you have the right product for the job and points you in the direction you might need for further information.

Epoxy Selection Guide

Epoxy selection is tricky. There are so many products on the market, used for so many applications that it’s enough to make a person’s eyes roll. Lambert Corporation’s Epiweld® line is no small set itself and we have created our Epoxy Selection Guide to provide you with a comparative tool for choosing correctly.

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