Technical Department

The Technical Department at Lambert Corporation, new to the company since its management and ownership change in 2011, is complex and more than it seems. Prior to this, the company utilized a barely functional and very rudimentary quality control system, but still needed to wholly rely on the informational findings of actual professionals outside the company. Additionally, research and development was entirely performed third-party, with only a couple products being developed throughout the over three-decade period between the dissected sale by Guardsman Chemical and its current controlling entity. For more information on our history see our page titled Corporate History.

construct pro

Since then, Lambert Corporation has made immense alterations, building functioning laboratory areas, and bringing the hammer down on Research & Development. Through the combinative works of Chief Executive Officer Matthew Ledlow, and Research and Development Director Ron Farris, a nearly fifty percent line alteration has been accomplished in 4 years. The technical staff has worked diligently to set a path and pace that is very aggressive for the industry and helps focus our desire to perfect our current and future product set.Lambert Corporation’s Technical group extends beyond the quality control and product development sense, providing other services such as custom color matching, third-party product testing, and comparative reviews. Should you require services of these kinds feel free to contact us.

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