Executive Management

Preferring to spearhead nearly every project Lambert Corporation undertakes, company Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Ledlow provides the company with an innovative sense of mission and vision unmatched in the industry, making him extremely unique and arguably the most effective executive manager in the building materials manufacturing world. He has personally compiled a highly-effective handpicked staff of employees, of which some are featured below, that have not only brought Lambert Corporation to a level unimaginable, but promise to provide its customer-base with perfection. Mr. Ledlow has directly influenced or created all the business’ current marketing, sales, finance, operations and personnel sectors of the company. Under his direction, Lambert Corporation’s new crew has made the company rocket out of the ruin it was left in prior to his control change.

Chad Woodburn

Territorial Sales

Joining Lambert Corporation as one of the company’s Territorial Sales Managers, Chad Woodburn carries a business development, property development and insurance brokerage background. Mr. Woodburn also holds a Chemistry degree cum laude from W&L University.

Mark Ruhsam

Territorial Sales

Another of Lambert Corporation’s Territorial Sales Managers, Mark Ruhsam is a U.S. Army veteran having served field time in numerous locations including Afghanistan. Mr. Ruhsam also holds a Criminal Justice/Psychology degree from The University of North Florida.

Janeen Ledlow


Lambert Corporation’s Procurement Lead, Janeen Ledlow boasts a diverse background including business management, mortgage brokering and finance background. Ms. Ledlow studied collegiately abroad at National University of Colombia in South America.

Tyron Peter

Production Manager

Tyron Peter, Production Lead for Lambert Corporation, is one of all four employees currently with the company to have survived the near collapse of the business in 2011. Mr. Peter is a first-generation U.S. citizen, and an immigrant from St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Ami Alamo

Inside Sales

Inside Sales Manager Ami Alamo comes from a family with lineage in the building materials manufacturing world, having worked for CL Industries prior to joining Lambert Corporation. Ms. Alamo is one of the easiest recognized members, at least vocally, of the Lambert team.

Tony Dicaro-Smith

Executive Assistant

Working directly with CEO Matthew Ledlow, Tony Dicaro-Smith, Lambert’s Executive Assistant to the CEO, is exposed to many portions of the company’s functions with a central focus on marketing. Mr. Dicaro-Smith is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Dan Getejanc

Web & Application Development

Joining Lambert Corporation with an impressive combination of collegiate and self-taught computer science expertise, Dan Getejanc fills the role of Web and Application Development. Mr. Getejanc has held prestigious positions with companies such as Electronic Arts and UBreakiFix.

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